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Mater Outpatient Telehealth

Mater Outpatient Telehealth

To improve patient experience and access to specialist multidisciplinary care, Mater Hospital Brisbane is offering telehealth to clinically suitable patients in the Outpatient Clinics.

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a secure video assisted healthcare consultation, achieved remotely via an internet based video-call application.

This will enable you to see, speak with and hear your clinician during your appointment, almost as though you were there in person.

Who is suitable for telehealth?

Telehealth is suitable for many patients, if deemed clinically appropriate.

During one of your hospital outpatient clinic visits, your clinician will make an assessment based on your needs and will decide whether a telehealth appointment is a suitable option for you for future appointments.

What are the benefits of telehealth?

By providing telehealth as an option for your healthcare, we aim to improve your access to, as well as your experience with our services.

As an alternative to hospital clinic visits, telehealth can offer significant benefits to patients and families. These may include reducing or eliminating time and costs associated with attending your appointment at Mater such as:

  • travel time and parking
  • time waiting on the day of your appointment
  • work leave or family care arrangements
  • accommodation

We are proud to offer you telehealth as a flexible, convenient way to support your care journey.

How does it work?

If you are suitable and choose to participate in telehealth, you will have two options for your appointment:

  • joining the video-call from home via a laptop of desktop computer, a compatible tablet or smart phone device
  • joining the video-call via a health facility closer to home and approved by Mater to provide this service.

We will send you an email before your scheduled appointment with the date, time and detailed instructions on how to access the video-call. If you have chosen another facility close to home, this email will also include the location.

If you so not have an email account, we can make alternative arrangements to send you the details of your appointment.

You will be required to confirm you telehealth appointment ahead of time, and if accessing the video-call from home, to perform a brief test prior to the appointment to make sure everything is working correctly.

On the day, and close to the time of your apointment, simply click on the link you have been sent or attend the location you've been given, to access the video-call appointment with your clinician.

After your telehealth appointment, you may receive a follow up email asking for your permission to bulk-bill your appointment through Medicare, or asking you to participate in a short survey on your experience.

It is important to note that for your privacy, we recommend that you do not access telehealth in public areas such as a cafe or unsecured wi-fi areas.

I'm not comfortable using computers. Can I still use telehealth?

If you are not comfortable using computers there are other options. This may include joining a call from a nearby facility which is approved by Mater to provide this service on your behalf and can assist you.

Alternatively, we acknowledge that telehealth is not for everyone and if you prefer, you can still see you healthcare provider in person in the hospital outpatient clinic.

If you have questions of concerns about using telehealth as part of your care, we encourage you to speak with your clinician, outpatient staff or to contact Mater Outpatient Telehealth.

Contact us

Mater Outpatient Telehealth
Raymond Terrace
South Brisbane, Qld 4101

Telephone: 07 3163 6346
Email: outpatientstelehealth@mater.org.au

South Brisbane campus


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