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Managing your medications


Get to know your local pharmacy. They will share information with you about your medications, like side effects to look for, if you need.

They can help you to keep organised by:

  • Sending  you SMS reminders to fill your medication scripts  or;
  • Reminding you to get a  renewal of your script/s from your doctor



Know your medications, what they are for and the side effects

  • Have them written down and in your wallet or saved on your phone to share with your hospital specialist and your GP

Alcohol and other drugs

Understand how alcohol and other drugs can interact with your medication.

  • Talk to you medical team or Clarence Street if you would like more information
Mater acknowledges consumer consultation in the development of this patient information.
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Last modified 05/7/2017.
Consumers were consulted in the development of this patient information.
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For further translated health information, you can visit healthtranslations.vic.gov.au/ supported by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services that offers a range of patient information in multiple languages.
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