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Emotional Health Unit

The Mater Young Adult Health Centre Brisbane has been established due to limited services in Queensland dedicated to young adults between the ages of 16-25. The Emotional Health Unit here at Mater Young Adult Health Centre Brisbane delivers specialist mental health care to young adults which is evidence based and consumer driven. The care that is provided by our experienced mental health team is based on the individual strengths of our patients and is focused on their recovery.

The Emotional Health Unit consists of:

  • Amanda Flynn Clinic - a private inpatient ward for young adults who need a stay in hospital
    to get on top of things
  • Recovery College - provides therapeutic programs with a focus on recovery and learning new skills for a range of different issues affecting young people’s mental health
  • Consulting Suites - young adults can access treatment and therapy from a range of private mental health clinicians

Amanda Flynn Clinic

Thanks to the generosity of Mr Peter Flynn of the Amanda Flynn Foundation, Mater will deliver specialist care to young adults who suffer from anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions at the Amanda Flynn Clinic.

To find out how to access the Emotional Health Unit programs or for any other information please contact our team on 07 3163 6102 or visit www.mater.org.au/emotionalhealthunit

If this is an emergency please contact your nearest public hospital or Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14. Lifeline Australia is a 24 hour telephone crisis support service available from a landline, payphone or mobile.

Mater acknowledges consumer consultation in the development of this patient information.
Mater Doc Num: PI-CLN-420119
Last modified 14/6/2019.
Consumers were consulted in the development of this patient information.
Last consumer engagement date: 08/5/2019
For further translated health information, you can visit healthtranslations.vic.gov.au/ supported by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services that offers a range of patient information in multiple languages.
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