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Visitor information for partners and support persons – Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane

Having a baby is an incredibly exciting time, so it’s no surprise that your family and friends will want to share in the enjoyment too. Please take note of the information below to ensure you and your newborn get the rest that you need.

What are the vising hours at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane?

The hospital visiting hours are 10 am to 1 pm, and 3 pm to 8 pm. We encourage all mothers to have a quiet, rest time between 1 pm and 3 pm. Visitors will be not be permitted during this time with the exception of your partner.

Can I have visitors at other times?

Visitors are welcome at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane during visiting hours, 10 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 8 pm daily.

It is important that all other visitors understand the times that they can visit, and that they must leave at the end of the visiting time. If visitors stay longer than the stated visiting hours, they will be asked to leave.

Please respect other patients and staff by limiting noise and the number of visitors, to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety on the ward. 

To ensure the safety and comfort of all, Mater has an expectation that all staff, patients and family members act with tolerance, integrity and compassion for each other at all times.

Can my partner or other children stay overnight?

Your partner or support person is welcome to stay with you in the days after the birth of your baby. Each private room has a day-bed for partners with bedding provided. We do ask for safety reasons your partner only sleep on the day-bed. For health and safety reasons siblings are not permitted to stay overnight in the hospital.

Can my partner have a meal with me?

Yes, your partner may have meals with you. These are available at an additional charge through our room service menu. Other food and drinks can be purchased from the cafés or vending machines located throughout Mater.

Can my partner use a mobile phone?

Mobile phones may be used in your room or in the foyer near the lifts. However, we ask that mobile phones are not used in the corridors, as this may be disruptive to other women.

Mater acknowledges consumer consultation in the development of this patient information.
Mater Doc Num: PI-CLN-430261
Last modified 19/10/2020.
Consumers were consulted in the development of this patient information.
Last consumer engagement date: 28/2/2014
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