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Your baby's safety and security

This brochure explains ways that both you and our staff can keep your baby safe.

Baby identification

Your baby will have two identification tags securely but comfortably attached around each ankle. These will be placed on your baby immediately following birth and before any separation of mother and baby occurs (should that be necessary).

The information, including the spelling of names and dates, will be checked with you and your partner at this time. Please be aware that both of these identification tags must remain on your baby while in our care.

These identification tags are checked each shift by the midwife or nurse caring for you and your baby, but if at any time either of the identification tags falls off, please inform your midwife or nurse immediately.

When transferring between areas or after any period of separation between mother and baby, for any reason, a midwife or nurse will check your baby's identification with you. This will be documented on your baby's Newborn Carepath.

Your baby's identification will be checked against your identification again prior to discharge. Please do not remove any forms of identification until you have left the hospital.

Parent identification

Every mother will wear a hospital identification band. This band will include your name, your date of birth, UR number and infant UR number.

Staff identification

All Mater employees wear a photo identification badge which should be easily visible and has the persons name and title large enough to be readily identifiable.

Be sure the face and picture on the badge is the same person even if the person looks and acts like they work here.

Do not allow your baby to be taken from your presence, for any reason, by anyone not wearing valid identification. You, or a designated family member, are always welcome to accompany your baby to other treatment areas within the hospital.

Remember: please alert your midwife or nurse if you are unsure at any time or see anyone or anything suspicious.

Your baby's safety and security


When you are in your room, keep your baby's cot on the side of your bed farthest from the door and keep your baby in sight at all times.

All babies must be transported in their cot, with the cot flat, when being moved from one area to another.

For your baby's safety please do not carry them outside your room.

If you wish to go outside of your room with your baby, for safety reasons, they should be transported in the cot, with the cot flat.

Your baby should not leave the unit unless treatment or investigations are required in another area of the hospital.

Do not leave your baby unattended in your room. If you need to leave your room please ask a family member or staff to watch your baby.


Visitors are welcome during hospital visiting hours:
10 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 8 pm daily.

Visitors should only cuddle your baby with your permission and must wash their hands before doing so. For the health and safety of you and your baby, and other mothers and babies, please ask your family and friends not to visit if they have an infectious illness or have recently had contact with an infectious disease.


Before discharge be very clear about who may be coming to your home to provide follow-up care and know what identification they will use. Do not allow anyone into your home without proper identification even if they say they are from Mater.

At your time of discharge, we prefer you to bring a car child restraint (if it is removable) to transport your baby from your room to your car.

Car restraint

All children are required by law to be restrained in a moving vehicle. The safest way for your baby to travel in the car is in a rear facing baby restraint. Rear facing restraints are recommended until your baby is 9 to12 kg and a forward facing restraint until your child weighs 18 kg. Look for a label or sticker that states the child restraint complies with Australian Standards.

Do not buy a second-hand car seat as it may have been damaged in an accident.

Restraints should have a five point harness system.

It is important to always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

If you're unsure about fitting a child restraint, contact the Child Restraint Fitting and Checking Service on 07 3854 1829.

You need to be familiar with the use of your child restraint prior to taking your baby home.

Never leave your baby unattended in a car.


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