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Antenatal education—birthing and babies

Mater Mothers' Hospital provides a range of education programs to inform and empower you as you approach the birth of your baby, and the early weeks that follow.

The classes focus on nutrician, exercise in pregnancy, as well as a large range of preparation for childbirth and parenting classes. The classes are facilitated by midwives, physiotherapists and dietitians who are skilled in childbirth education and women's health. 

These classes also provide you with the opportunity to get to know some of the other mothers you may see on the postnatal ward after the birth of your baby.


Our Birthing and babies' antenatal classes are very popular. It is important to book as early as possible (i.e. before 16 weeks of pregnancy) to avoid any disappointment. Please telephone our bookings coordinator on 07 3163 8847 to secure your place. Please note that payment is required at the time of booking. You will then receive a letter confirming the details of your booking and information about the venue for your class.


Costs are provided when booking your class. Your partner is included at no extra cost.

Available classes

Your healthy start to pregnancy

This workshop is facilitated by a Mater dietitian and is designed to help you have the healthiest pregnancy possible. Come along to learn about nutrition, healthy weight gain and other pregnancy recommendations. This workshop is best attended in early pregnancy but will be of benefit at any time.

Evening series

This series of six classes held over a six week period are ideal for those expecting their first baby, and are also recommended if there has been a significant gap between this pregnancy and your previous child. We recommend you attend these classes from 27 weeks.

Five classes will be conducted by a midwife and will include a tour of the hospital and information about your pregnancy, what to bring to hospital, normal birth physiology, positions for labour and birth, comfort measures and caring for your new baby after birth.

One class will be conducted by a physiotherapist and will include practising massage and breath awareness, gentle exercises, different comfort positions and relaxation techniques. We suggest that you dress comfortably to allow for easy movement throughout this session.

When: Weeknights between 6.30 pm and 9 pm

Please view the class schedule for further information about what is covered during each session.

Weekend workshop

This class provides a popular alternative to the evening series and is conducted over one weekend and one weeknight. The content is the same as for the evening series. The single weeknight class is conducted by a physiotherapist and the weekend classes are facilitated by a midwife. We recommend you attend these classes between 27 and 36 weeks.

When: One weeknight and one weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Starting times will be advised at the time of booking your class.



A three hour class designed for women and their support partner, who have already had a baby (within the last five years). This class is facilitated by a midwife and will include a tour of the hospital; a review of your previous labour and birthing experience; and provide a chance to refresh your knowledge about what to bring to hospital, birthing your baby and caring for your new baby after birth. We recommend you attend this class between 27 and 36 weeks.

Caesarean birth

A three hour class intended for those women planning a caesarean birth. This class will be conducted by a midwife and will include information about caesarean births, recovering in hospital and then at home, and managing with your new baby during the first few weeks. We recommend you attend this class between 27 and 36 weeks.

Multiple birth

A three hour class intended for women expecting twins, triplets or more. You will be given information about labour, birth and breastfeeding more than one baby. Parenting and coping strategies will also be discussed. We recommend you attend this class between 27 and 36 weeks.

Father's first steps

This class has been specifically designed for fathers and is facilitated by a male health professional with first-hand experience of fatherhood. This class is for men only and topics covered include your new role as a father, practical aspects of parenting, relationship changes and support services. You can attend this class at any time during your partner's pregnancy.

Allied health classes for pregnant women

Exercise in pregnancy

Physiotherapists provide quality exercise classes for pregnant women to ensure that you exercise safely and in line with current guidelines. Regular appropriate exercise during your pregnancy can help you maintain fitness and coordination, improve core stability and muscle strength, control weight gain, manage stress, improve your feeling of wellbeing, prepare you for the physical demands of labour and assist you to achieve your pre-pregnancy fitness levels after birth.

Classes are conducted by experienced physiotherapists in small groups to allow for more individualised programs and include:

  • Exercise in pregnancy—this stability class aims to maintain fitness while incorporating strength, balance and coordination. It includes the use of light weights, fit ball and gentle mat work.
  • Aqua therapy—this class, held in an indoor pool, provides comfort and support while exercising by reducing the effect of gravity.
  • Pilates in pregnancy—assist in developing core strength by facilitating correct positioning for exercise, breathing and muscle activation. An initial assessment can determine your goals and address any concerns.

For further information, bookings and pre-payment for all physiotherapy classes, please phone Allied Health reception on 07 3163 6000. Follow the phone prompts and select Adults and mothers services (4) and then Physiotherapy (2).

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