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Labour and birth—what to bring to hospital

Coming to hospital—what to bring

We suggest the following items be brought with you at the time you are admitted to hospital for the birth of your baby—please pack the items you will require for labour and for your baby in a small separate bag for easy access while in birth suite.

For you

  • pregnancy hand-held record
  • comfortable clothes for labour
  • personal toiletries
  • comfortable, casual day wear
  • sleepwear, dressing gown and slippers
  • underwear—seven to 10 pairs
  • maternity bras—two to three
  • nursing pads
  • two large packets of maternity or super sanitary pads
  • tissues

For your baby

  • small beanie or hat—for use immediately after birth *
  • five warm outfits
  • five singlets
  • socks
  • five baby blankets

* The use of beanies or hats may be appropriate to keep your baby warm or protected in exposed or cooler environments. However, as the SIDS safe sleeping guidelines recommend that your baby sleep with their face and head uncovered to reduce the risk of SIDS, it is important to remove these items before your baby is settled to sleep.

One packet of newborn disposable nappies will be provided to you on admission to the postnatal ward.

Optional requirements for labour

  • camera
  • favourite music
  • cards or other diversional activities
  • massage tool
  • swimwear and towel for your partner to wear in the shower
  • glucose sweets and cold juice
  • phone cards
  • socks (for cold feet)
  • hair tie (for tying back long hair)
  • comfy old t-shirt
  • any regular medications (in their original packaging with pharmacy label attached)
  • extra sanitary pads

Cameras may be used in birth suite at the discretion of the medical and midwifery staff involved in the birth of your baby. Please respect the privacy of staff by asking permission first. Please note that video cameras are not permitted in the birthing suites

Please do not bring any large sums of money or valuable items.

Please label all your personal belongings.

"What to bring to hospital" brochure in languages other than English.

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