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Pregnancy—young mothers' group practice

What is Young Mothers' Group Practice?

The Young Mothers' Group Practice (YMGP) is a midwifery partnership program offered to pregnant women aged 20 years and under. The program provides you with a "named midwife" who will partner with you throughout your pregnancy, your labour and the early weeks after your baby is born. YMGP is designed to provide you with dedicated, consistent care within a small team of midwives and other pregnant women, who you will get to know throughout your journey to becoming a mum.

How does YMGP work?

During your pregnancy

You will be contacted by the YMGP team when we receive your referral from your family doctor to arrange your first appointment. This one-on-one meeting with a YMGP midwife is to discuss your personal and medical history and to plan for your pregnancy care.

You will also have one appointment with an obstetrician at our community clinic. Your remaining regular pregnancy visits will take place in group sessions with other pregnant women who are similar in age, and pregnancy due date, to you.

The one hour group sessions are informal and flexible to assist you to meet your learning needs. At these sessions you will have a midwifery check-up and an interactive information session relevant to your stage of pregnancy. Your appointments will be every four weeks initially; progressing to every second week toward the end of your pregnancy.

All tests and necessary referrals will be arranged by YMGP. There is no need to see your family doctor for additional pregnancy-related care. Any pregnancy related concerns can be directed to your named midwife.

Young Mother's Group Practice

Labour and birth

When you think you are in labour, call your midwife. When you and your midwife agree that it is time to go to hospital, they will meet you in the birth suite.

Your named midwife aims to be present with you during your labour and birth of your new baby; however, where circumstances do not allow this, another member of the YMGP team will be with you throughout your labour, until your baby is birthed. You should have met and become familiar with all YMGP midwives by this time and therefore, will be familiar with the midwife caring for you during your labour and the birth of your baby.

Your YMGP midwife will assist with your immediate postnatal care and your baby's first feed.

You will then be transferred to one of Mater Mothers' Hospital's postnatal wards until you and your baby are discharged home. Your length of stay in hospital will vary depending on you and your baby's needs.

After the birth

Your YMGP midwife will aim to visit you the day after you go home from the hospital. When your midwife visits with you at home they will check you and your baby, assist with feeding if required, weigh your baby and support your transition into motherhood.

Home visits will continue for several weeks until you and your baby are ready to be discharged from our care.

Who is involved in YMGP?

The YMGP team is made up of a number of different people, who are able to meet your various care needs during your pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal period.

Midwife: YMGP midwives are your primary care providers throughout your pregnancy and onwards. There is a small team of midwives, one of whom will be allocated to you specifically. They will order any necessary tests, perform regular check-ups for you and your baby, provide education and advice, arrange any required referrals, and be available on-call 24 hours a day as outlined in this brochure. The midwives will be present for your labour and will assist you to birth your baby, as long as you do not require further medical assistance.

Obstetrician: YMGP team doctors are consultant obstetricians. You will usually only require one visit with them, unless further needs arise during your pregnancy. The midwives and obstetricians work together to develop plans for your care.

Social Work: YMGP has social workers to assist with a wide variety of issues and are available to you at any of your regular appointments. The social work team works alongside you in the practical and emotional aspects of preparation for the arrival of your baby. Additional appointments with social work can be arranged as needed.

When should I call my midwife?

Between 9 am and 5 pm for non-urgent things like:

  • changing an appointment
  • general questions
  • concern about your baby's movements
  • general discomforts
  • feeling unwell.

Call any time of the day or night for urgent things:

  • If you are less than 37 weeks pregnant and have painful tightenings.
  • If you are 37 weeks pregnant or more and have painful, regular contractions, coming every five minutes, lasting longer than 45 seconds.
  • If you have any bleeding from your vagina.
  • If you have a gush or trickle of fluid from your vagina (not wee).
  • If you have constant (all the time) abdominal (tummy) pain.
  • If you are feeling extremely unwell and need to see a doctor immediately.

YMGP midwives work on call 24 hours a day. We divert our phones to each other if we are having time off so one of us is always available to answer your questions and manage your care. There should be no need for you to contact Mater Mothers Hospital directly for your pregnancy needs.

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