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Pregnancy Assessment Centre

Mater Mothers’ has opened Queensland’s only dedicated 24/7 Pregnancy Assessment Centre. The service provides around the clock assessment and care for women experiencing pregnancy related complications or concerns during any stage of pregnancy and up to six weeks after the birth of your baby. 

In Australia, as many as one in four women expecting a baby experience complications early in their pregnancy—from 0 to 20 weeks gestation—including bleeding and other issues.

Currenlty if a woman is experiencing complications with her pregnancy, especially in early pregnancy, she has to either present at a hospital Emergency Department or schedule a visit to her GP. Mater’s PAC offers a specialised area for assessment in early pregnancy; this includes a separate waiting lounge.

PAC is adjacent to Birth Suite and provides 24 hours a day 7 days a week care and assessment for private and publicly-funded women during any stage of pregnancy and up to 6 weeks after the birth of your baby.

The unit arranges care in the same way as hospital emergency departments, by using a triage process to prioritise women according to their individual situation. Referrals and appointments are not essential. You are very welcome to present to PAC yourself as we are always open.  Referrals from GPs are also welcomed and appreciated.

Women are able to access the support of obstetric, medical and allied health professionals as required. This service is free of charge for women who are booked with, or plan to book with a private obstetrician at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane. Your private obstetrician will be contacted if you present to the Pregnancy Assessment Centre.

If you have private health insurance and are booked in to have your baby at another private maternity hospital, you will still be able to access the service for a fee, which will be provided at the time of the service. We will contact your obstetrician on arrival to the centre.  

The Pregnancy Assessment Centre provides access to a specialist obstetrician 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, immediate ultrasounds and results, blood tests and immediate hospital admission if required.

Please note we do not provide clinical advice over the phone. For urgent assessment of pregnancy related conditions at any stage of pregnancy please present to PAC 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Pregnancy Assessment Centre

Please present to the PAC if you experience any of the following:

• Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy

• Uncontrollable vomiting or diarrhoea

• Stomach (abdominal) or back pain

• Unusual headaches and/or blurred vision

• Fainting

• Fever

• Constant itching

• If you are unsure about what is happening to your or you think you are in labour

• Your baby is moving less than usual or you are concerned

• If your waters break (membrane rupture)

The PAC is located on Level 5, Mater Mothers’ Hospitals. The PAC is open to everyone from day one of your pregnancy if you have a pregnancy related concern. However, the PAC is not a general practice clinic, or an antenatal clinic or a general emergency department. For other health concerns, please contact your GP. In an  emergency situation you should always call an ambulance.

In early pregnancy

In early pregnancy, PAC provides assessment of problems such as bleeding and pain for both privately and publically funded women. Small amounts of bleeding in early pregnancy are not uncommon, especially if they do not last for very long. However, it may be the first signs of a problem, such as a miscarriage, and it is important that we follow up on such symptoms. Should the bleeding be heavier or last longer, particularly if it is associated with period-like cramping pains, then a possible miscarriage is more likely. If you feel a little faint or unwell, then resting would be sensible. Taking simple pain medication such as paracetamol (Panadol) for any mild period-type pains you might have is perfectly safe. However, should you develop heavy bleeding (soaking a sanitary pad within 30 minutes), or worsening pain, you should seek help immediately.

Our staff includes a nurses and midwives, doctors and sonographers. During your visit we will be able to assess the problems you are having which may include a physical examination. Your visit may also involve having an ultrasound scan or taking some blood for tests. The scan may be performed from the vagina as well as through the abdomen.

Having been seen at PAC in early pregnancy, women with private health insurance can choose to deliver at the Mater Mothers Private, Brisbane. However publicly insured women who live out of catchment, will need to deliver at the hospital where they are booked in.

For early pregnancy bleed or pain present to the Pregnancy Assessment Centre or call 07 3163 7000.

In later pregnancy

In later pregnancy, PAC provides assessment of women with pregnancy related health concerns, for,those who are booked for maternity care at Mater.After 20 weeks, most women have already booked in to a hospital to have their baby. Therefore,women booked to another hospital who have concerns later in pregnancy, are advised to contact their own Specialist, midwife or local hospital.

For pregnancy related issues please present to the Pregnancy Assessment Centre or call 07 3163 7000.

After the birth of your baby (up to six weeks)

If you have concerns about your health after your baby is born, you could contact your GP or your

obstetrician (in-hours). Mater patients can also contact PAC for conditions such as:

 • You have unusual vaginal bleeding (i.e. increase in amount) or offensive smelling vaginal loss

• You have any concerns about your wound (i.e. showing any signs of infection)  

• You have a fever or feel unwell 

If you have breast inflammation and pain: please call Mater Mothers’ Parent Support Centre on 07 3163 8847 (7.30 am – 3.30 pm), or the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) on 1800 686 268 (24-hour service).

If your baby is unwell: call an ambulance, contact your GP or paediatrician, or take you baby to Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital’s Emergency Department.


Pregnancy Assessment Centre (open 24 hours)                                                                          

Level 5, Mater Mater Mothers' Hospitals

Raymond Terrace

South Brisbane QLD 4101                                                                                                  


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