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CHAMP Clinic

Continuity of care by
Health Professionals attending
Alcohol and drug problems and meeting
Mother’s needs for
Positive family outcomes

What is CHAMP Clinic?

Mater Mothers’ Hospital CHAMP Clinic provides antenatal care for pregnant women who:

  • are unable to stop using recreational drugs (including alcohol)
  • recently quit recreational drug use and have ongoing risk factors
  • are drug dependent (or habitual users)
  • are on opioid replacement therapies
  • are prescribed regular opioid analgesia.

What happens at CHAMP Clinic?

CHAMP Clinic is held in Mater Mothers' Hospital's Antenatal Clinic. CHAMP provides an environment of acceptance and offers:

  • midwife antenatal check ups
  • preparation for birth
  • access to specialist doctors when needed
  • health education
  • alcohol & drug use interventions
  • relapse prevention and support
  • social worker support
  • referral to other health or support services
  • parenting information and advice
  • early discharge planning.

At CHAMP Clinic, staff have knowledge and experience in:

  • opioid replacement therapies
  • current treatment options for drug dependence
  • blood-borne viral infections, e.g. Hepatitis C
  • supporting women who can't quit their alcohol
    or drug use
  • supporting women with other psychosocial
  • advocating for women with special needs.

Staff can provide information on:


Maintain a healthy pregnancy by accessing antenatal care, eating and sleeping well and having plenty of rest and relaxation. Stop using alcohol and drugs and prepare for your baby's birth.

How substances may affect your pregnancy

It is not just the type of substance used, but also how much and how often it is used, that may increase the risk of harm.

While pregnancy complications can happen in all populations, evidence suggests women who smoke, drink alcohol or take illegal drugs in pregnancy are at greater risk of having problems.

How substance use may affect your unborn baby

A lot is known about the harmful effects to unborn babies from alcohol and tobacco use, and the possible effects to babies from illegal drugs.

The risk of a newborn baby withdrawing from drugs used by his/her mother in pregnancy

A baby may withdraw, when her/his mother used certain drugs regularly during her pregnancy.


Breastfeeding provides many benefits both to your baby and you. Our advice to women who want to breastfeed but who have regular or binge drug use, is to stop using drugs and to breastfeed your baby.

Early discharge planning

Make sure you are prepared for your baby. Have family and other supports in place to help you to care for your baby in those first few months after your baby's birth.

Be Baby Safe

Take your newborn baby home to a smoke-free, drug-free and safe environment. Seek help from family members and access support services when you need help.

Contact Us

For an appointment at the CHAMP Clinic telephone 07 3163 8330


To find out more about this Service contact the CHAMP Coordinator:
Telephone: 07 3163 2417
Email: champ@mater.org.au

The CHAMP Clinic

Antenatal Clinic, Level 7
Mater Mothers' Hospital
Raymond Terrace, South Brisbane
Telephone: 07 3163 8330

CHAMP Clinic is an initiative of the Mater Mothers' Hospital's National Illicit Drug Strategy Project. Part-funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing NGOTGP. February 2011.

Mater acknowledges consumer consultation in the development of this patient information.
Mater Doc Num: PI-CLN-430001
Last modified 08/8/2017.
Consumers were consulted in the development of this patient information.
Last consumer engagement date: 18/1/2014
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