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Telehealth Appointment Instructions - Desktop or Laptop

Instructions for how to join a telehealth call through desktop or laptop computer

To be able to conduct a telehealth appointment from home, you will need the following:

  1. A desktop computer with a webcam and speakers OR a laptop computer with built-in webcam and speakers OR a tablet device with built-in webcam and speakers. Telehealth can be conducted on a smartphone if necessary, however this is not preferred.
  2. An internet connection other than 3G wireless such as broadband, ADSL2 or ADSL 2+. Telehealth can work on 4G wireless internet but this is not preferred if there are other options.
  3. A private space.

Prior to your telehealth appointment, a link will be sent to you along with your appointment details via email. You will be required to click on this link to conduct a telehealth test at least ONE WEEK prior to your appointment. This is important to ensure that everything is working well prior to the appointment. Failure to conduct a test in time may result in your telehealth appointment being rescheduled to a face to face appointment. The following instructions will guide you in conducting a telehealth test as well as conducting a telehealth appointment.

  1. Click on the link that is embedded in your appointment email. You may have to copy and paste the link into your web browser.
  2. A web page will open, at the top of this page, it will ask you to accept and download the VidyoWeb plug-in as shown below. Click on the green button that says ‘Accept & Download Plug-in’. The download should only take a few minutes. 
    Note: If you’ve installed the VidyoWeb plug-in in the past, you will land directly onto the joining page outlined in step 5.start using app
  3. Depending on which web browser (e.g. safari, internet explorer, etc.) you’re using, you may not be able to commence the download until you give VidyoWeb permission to run by selecting ‘Always run on this site’ or ‘Run this time’ as shown below.run this app
  4. Once the download is complete, open the downloaded file. The VidyoWeb installer will open, follow the steps to install the VidyoWeb plug-in. Screenshots of these two steps are shown below.
    Note: The screenshot shown here is the Mac OS X version of the VidyoWeb plug-in download page. If you’re using a PC, this will look slightly different.
  5. Once the VidyoWeb Plug-in is installed, a window will pop up asking you to join the conference as shown in the figure on the right.vidyo
    • In the name field, enter your name.This is the name that will be presented on the screen to your healthcare provider on the other end of the videocall.
    • If needed, click the Camera, Video quality, Microphone or Speaker drop-sowns, and select your preferences.
    • IF YOU ARE USING A 4G OR 3G WIRELESS CONNECTION – SELECT ‘LIMITED BANDWIDTH’ BESIDE VIDEO QUALITY. This ensures the best quality possible for this type of connection.
  6. Click Join as shown in the figure on the right. This will take you straight into the videocall. If the clinician is on the call, you will see their face on the screen. If they are not, you will see yourself. There may be a waiting period for someone to come on but this is often significantly less than waiting for a face to face appointment at the Mater.
  7. Once you’re in the call, you will see a number of icons on the left hand side of the screen as well as on the bottom of the screen. You may have to click on this icon  on the left hand side of the screen to be able to see the clinician in the big screen and yourself in a small screen in the corner. Key icons are described on the following page.app videocall

Understanding Key Icons This icon… Enables you to….

This icon… Enables you to….
Turn your self-view ON and OFF (this is set to On by default when you join the videocall).
Allow other participants to see you or set your camera to Privacy mode. When set to Privacy, none of the other participants can see you. Allowing other participants to see you is the default.
Mute or unmute your microphone. When muted, none of the other participants can hear you. Unmuted is the default.
Mute or unmute your speakers, and set your speaker volume. When muted, you cannot hear the other participants. Unmuted is the default. To set your speaker volume, hover over this icon to access the speaker volume slider.
Set the video to Full Screen mode. To exit Full Screen mode, either press or press Esc on your keyboard.
Disconnect from the videocall.
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Last modified 15/8/2017.
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