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Healthy eating and lifestyle program

Get on track to a happier, healthier lifestyle

healthWould you benefit from learning how to

  • enjoy healthy food
  • be more active
  • cope with stress
  • manage your weight.


The Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Program is a group-based program developed by dietitians, physiotherapists and psychologists. It will help you to:

  • develop a healthy attitude to eating
  • learn how to eat in a healthy and enjoyable way
  • identify what habits lead to excess weight gain
  • make long term behaviour changes to get your weight back under control
  • make physical activity a regular part of your life
  • manage stress in healthy ways.

Cost and time?

coupleThe Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Program is cost free. Participants attend an hour and a half workshop once a week for six weeks. This is followed by a monthly recharge program to support you and keep you on track once you have completed the intensive six week phase.


The Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Program is available to men and women over 18 years of age who want to improve their health, manage their weight and are reasonably mobile. The programs cater for a maximum of 12 people.

The program is run by trained health professionals including dietitians, physiotherapists and psychologists who provide specialist advice on nutrition, physical activity and behaviour change.

When and Where?

Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Programs are held throughout the year at Mater Hospital Brisbane.

Contact us for more information about the starting date for the next program.


Participating in the Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Program is an enjoyable, interesting and easy way to motivate yourself towards better eating, physical activity and wellbeing.

seafoodBy changing unhealthy habits, there is a much greater chance of

  • reducing your risk of diabetes and heart disease
  • reducing medications
  • increasing mobility, energy levels, sleep, self-confidence and happiness
  • boosting your immune system.


If you feel you would benefit from a program that will get you on track to a happier, healthier lifestyle, then contact us.

Limited numbers of programs are run every year, with a maximum of 12 participants. People who register or are referred to the program are notified by letter approximately four weeks prior to the start of the next program. You need to contact us as soon as possible after you receive your letter as places are offered on a first in, first served basis.

Further information

For all enquiries and bookings please contact:

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Mater Health Services 07 3163 8585.

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