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Elective surgery admissions plan—Patient information

Your nurse will discuss this plan with you and provide appropriate information.

A tick  will identify what is the applicable plan for you.

When you come to hospital proceed to:

  • Day Procedure Unit, level 5, Mater Hospital Brisbane for your admission
  • Other: _________________________________________________
  • Date: ____________________ Time: _______________________

If you are unwell and/or unable to attend the hospital on the day indicated above, please contact the Admissions Clerk via 07 3163 8324 or 07 3163 8759 (available 24 hours).

Please note:

  • If you are unwell on the day of your surgery, your surgery may be cancelled.
  • Your appointment time is not your surgery time. When you arrive at the hospital we will take you through the preparation process for your surgery.

Preparing for surgery

From one week prior to surgery:

  • One week prior to surgery, cease over the counter medications not prescribed by your doctor (e.g. natural medicines, fish oil and other vitamin and mineral preparations).
  • Take note of instructions of when to cease any medications prescribed by your doctor.



  • For Day surgery patients who have sedation or a general anaesthetic:
    • Organise to have someone accompany you home and stay with you overnight. (The Responsible Person)
    • Have your Responsible person read the Responsible person’s brochure (provided)
  • Skin Care: (not applicable for some procedures)
    • Please do not shave, wax or use any hair removal products on the operation site within one week of surgery.

From 24 hours prior to surgery

  • 24 hours prior to surgery:
    • No smoking
    • No drinking of alcohol
    • No eating of fatty or greasy foods (e.g. bacon, fried foods)
  • Follow instructions below for when to stop eating and drinking (fasting). If the instructions are not followed your surgery may require to be cancelled.
    • When to stop eating:
    • If you are asked to come to hospital between 6 am and 10.30 am you must stop eating all types of food from 12 midnight, the night before your procedure (including chewing gum and any type of lolly or mints).
    • If you are asked to come to hospital from 11 am onwards, you may eat a light breakfast (e.g. tea and toast) before 7 am on the morning of your procedure. After 7 am you must stop eating all types of food (including chewing gum and any type of lolly or mints.)
    • When to stop drinking:
    • Whether you are to stop eating from 12 midnight or 7 am you may continue drinking small amounts of water (up to one cup per hour) until you leave home for the hospital. When you leave home for the hospital, on the day of your procedure, you must continue not to eat and you must stop drinking. When you arrive at the hospital your nurse will review when you last had something to eat and drink.
  • Enhanced Recovery fasting procedure:
    • Follow the provided ‘Enhanced Recovery’ fasting procedure (provided as a separate document).
  • Follow instructions for your bowel prep:
    • No bowel prep required
    • Type: __________________________ When to commence ____________________________
    • Follow directions for Bowel preparation in booklet '..................................'  (provided)
  • Prepare what you need to bring to hospital:
    • Patient Details form
    • all regular tablets and medications
    • any relevant x-rays, scans or ultrasounds
    • your Medicare card/ Healthcare card
    • contact lenses, glasses or hearing aids etc.
    • walking aids
    • toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste etc.)
    • sanitary pads
    • comfortable sleepwear
    • underwear
    • valuables—as Mater Hospital Brisbane is unable to accept liability for losses, it is advisable that you leave all valuables at home, please bring essential items only.

The day of your operation—at home

  • Shower at home before coming into hospital
    • use your own soap
    • use a ‘surgi sponge’ provided
    • avoid using skin products following your shower (e.g. powder, deodorant, creams, ointments or make-up).
    • dress in clean clothes following your shower
  • remove all makeup, nail polish, body piercings and jewellery.

The day of your operation—at hospital

Refer to directions (above) when you come to hospital

  • Due to limited space within the unit please plan on limiting those accompanying you to one or two.
  • The Day Procedure Unit receptionist will check your details and documents for completion. While you may arrive early for your admission, your admission process will be determined by where your doctor has placed you on the surgical list.
  • Your nurse will admit you and prepare you for theatre.
  • Your anaesthetist may see you prior to your procedure (if required). He/she will assess you, explain the anaesthetic process to you and plan your pain relief for after your surgery.
  • In some cases further investigations may be required (e.g. such as blood tests, x-rays, or an ECG).
  • Your belongings will be secured in a locked room and will be returned to you following surgery.

After your procedure

Day surgery patients.

  • Following surgery and recovery you will return to the Day Surgery Unit and be made comfortable. A nurse will monitor your progress. You may have an intravenous drip or a cannula in your arm. Before you go home the IV cannula will be removed, you will be eating and drinking, your belongings will be returned to you, instructions for care at home and what to be aware of will be provided. A follow-up phone call will be made to you the next day to see how you are recovering.

Patients admitted to post-surgical ward

  • Following surgery and recovery you will be admitted to ________________ for post-surgery care. Phones are available at each bedside in the surgical ward and friends and relatives may phone the hospital between 8 am and 8 pm on 07 3163 8111. A prepaid phone card is required for patients to dial out using the hospital phones. Prepaid phone cards are available at any newsagent. You are permitted to use your mobile phone unless otherwise directed.
Mater acknowledges consumer consultation in the development of this patient information.
Mater Doc Num: PI-CLN-420054
Last modified 15/8/2017.
Consumers were consulted in the development of this patient information.
Last consumer engagement date: 12/8/2015
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