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TENS in Labour

Mater Mothers’ Hospitals' women’s health physiotherapists provide the following for pregnant women.

TENS in Labour—tutorial and hire

TENS assists by stimulating the body’s own mechanisms to cope with pain by:

  • blocking the nerves that detect painful sensations, hence reducing the sensation of pain
  • assisting the body to release its own morphine like substances (endorphins).

TENS is non-invasive and has no known side effects to the mother or baby. Experienced physiotherapists run a tutorial which is best to attend at around 37 weeks of your pregnancy.

Please book early into the tutorial to avoid disappointment.


Classes are run weekly.


Mater Mothers’ Hospital.

What is the cost?

$100 deposit, $30 hire, $20 gel pads (pay at the class).

How do I book?

For enquiry, booking and pre-payment of Tens in Labour, please phone 07 3163 6000 (prompt 2 and 2).

Individual consultation

Women’s health physiotherapists are available for individual outpatient consultation throughout your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby, providing a seamless, specialised physiotherapy service for you at this very important time.

Please phone 07 3163 6000 for further information or to make an appointment.

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