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Nutrition coaching

Do you want to regain a sense of hunger and fullness, feel in control of your weight and increase your self-esteem and sense of empowerment with regard to eating?

It is more about how to eat rather than what to or what not to eat.

Nutrition Coaching at Mater Health and Wellness promotes a coaching approach to weight management and healthy eating, drawing on evidence-based strategies and promoting a ‘life-skills’ focus to facilitate lifestyle change to achieve a more comfortable and healthy weight.
A variety of packages are available, allowing clients to select from a suite of services and resources to meet their individual needs.

Dieting is like driving around with the handbrake constantly on—sooner or later the brakes wear out and the car becomes out of control.

So, how does it work?

There are four options to choose from to participate in the program, plus plenty of recharge sessions available to help you stay on track after you complete the program.

Diamond package—$750

This package includes the standard package, plus eleven recharge sessions (fifth and eleventh sessions free), a Portion Perfection Plate, a Portion Perfection Snack Bible and the If Not Dieting empowerment cards.

Gold package—$520

This package includes the standard package, plus five recharge sessions (fifth one free), a free Portion Perfection Plate and a free Portion Perfection Snack Bible.

Premium package—$450

This package includes the standard package, plus three recharge sessions (third one free) and a free Portion Perfection Plate.

Standard package—$325

This package includes four sessions, a free this=that food guide publication (RRP $61.40), and a personal report which details your current eating and exercise levels in comparison to national guidelines/recommendations.

  • Session one—steps to success: wellness focus to goal-setting
  • Session two—it’s all about me: making diet and exercise work for you
  • Session three—food for thought: getting in the right frame of mind
  • Session four—making a healthy dollar go further

Fifteen minute recharge sessions: available following either standard or premium package completion—$40 each. Choose as many as you like, and select topics most suited for your needs. We encourage weekly recharge sessions, so you receive the greatest benefit—buy five, get one free.

Core sessions

Steps to success—a wellness focus to goal setting.

Congratulations—you’re on your way! Learn about stages of change and goal setting towards realistic healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals. Learn to self monitor and overcome barriers.

It’s all about me—making diet and exercise guidelines work for you. Learn how to adapt diet and exercise guidelines and recommendations to your personal preferences to create a healthy diet to achieve and maintain your healthy weight. Learn how to set up your life for exercise.

Food for thought—it is more about how to eat rather than what to or what not to eat. Our thoughts affect our emotions and guide the decisions we make. Learn to take control of your thoughts and your health.

How to make a healthy dollar go further—shop smart. A new way of spending your money on food to balance your diet and your food budget.

Recharge sessions—$40 each session

Portion distortion—supersize me! Find out how commercial portion sizes have grown and the calories that creep up as a result. Learn how to make better choices.

Surviving high risk situations—birthdays, buffets and banquets: how to survive these high risk situations and stay in control.

Healthy, fast meals and snacks—meal and snack ideas for fast meals at home and when you are out and about.

Recipe modification—enjoy your old favourites while cutting the kilojoules. Bring in some favourite recipes to modify.

Handling triggers—become more aware of reasons why you overeat and/or fall off the healthy wagon.

Glycemic Index (GI)—learn how GI can be used as a weight management tool. What does it mean and how does it help?

Getting supermarket savvy—healthy eating starts at the checkout. Learn to decipher what food packaging really tells us and how to make it work for you.

Good fats versus bad fats—learn about fats that are good for you and your heart and how they fit in your diet.

Intuitive eating—you learn over time that food doesn’t fix things. Remove the guilty backlash and rediscover intuitive eating. Re-tune in to your internal wisdom and change your relationship with food.

Mindful eating—learn to turn off the autopilot and how to taste food with all your senses. Start to become in control of foods that would normally control you.

Keeping on track with results—how am I going?—revisit goal setting. Keep another seven day food and exercise record and let’s see how much you have changed since the beginning of this journey.

How do I book?

To make a booking, please phone Mater Health and Wellness on 07 3163 6000.

A 10 per cent discount applies to packages purchased upfront.

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