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Hand Therapy and Scar Management

Occupational Therapy services

Mater Health and Wellness provide a coordinated approach to individual treatment programs. Each person receives an individualised program for optimal health and wellness during recovery from stress, injury or illness.

Hand therapy

Mater Health and Wellness provides specialised therapy for the management of hand and upper limb conditions.

Our highly qualified therapists assess and treat conditions using.

  • splinting and strapping
  • exercise programs
  • massage and oedema management
  • programs to assist patients in reaching upper limb goals such as return to work/other activities.

Our team of therapists are also qualified to treat acute and chronic conditions of the hand and upper limb including:

  • fractures and dislocations
  • tendon injuries
  • ligament injuries
  • burns and wounds
  • nerve injuries and compressions
  • arthritis - pre and post surgery
  • pain and swelling
  • other post-operative conditions.

Pregnancy and motherhood hand therapy

Several hand and upper limb conditions are common to women who are pregnant or post-natal. Such conditions can cause pain and difficulty managing daily activities such as breastfeeding, carrying and changing their baby.

Mater Health and Wellness therapists provide a personalised splinting and exercise program for women who are pregnant or post-natal to help reduce their pain and improve function.

Scar management

Scars that occur as a result of injury, burns, surgery and caesarean can become thick, raised and red on some people. On occasion scars adhere to tissue underneath the skin and prevent movement causing pain and disability. This is often individual to the person's skin type.

Mater Health and Wellness offers a superior scar management service delivering a variety of treatment techniques to improve scars, decrease functional impairment and prevent the spread of scar tissue.

Mater Health and Wellness specialist occupational therapists use researched and evidence based treatments to improve the look and feel of scars within the first year of healing such as:

  • compression
  • silicon gel
  • massage
  • desensitisation techniques.

Pregnancy and motherhood scar management

Caesarean scars can become itchy and in some instances become thick, raised and spread. Mater Health and Wellness occupational therapists provide a personalised scar management program to improve and prevent this happening to caesarean scars.

Accessing Occupational Therapy sevices


Outpatients can access occupational therapy through Mater Health and Wellness. For further information or to make an appointment please phone 07 3163 6000.

Mater Health and Wellness charge a fee for this service. This fee may be refundable depending on the private health insurance provider or other insurance such as WorkCover.

Partial refunds through Medicare may be accessed by patients under the Medicare Enhance Primary Care Scheme (EPC) for those under a GP monitored program.


Inpatients may request a referral to occupational therapy by speaking to any member of the healthcare team.

There is no additional charge for this service while an inpatient.

Contact details

Mater Health and Wellness
Level 1, Duncombe Building
Raymond Terrace, South Brisbane, Qld 4101
(Entrance located to the left of building through boom gates)

Telephone 07 3163 6000
Facsimile 07 3010 5745
Email info.wellness@mater.org.au
Website wellness.mater.org.au

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