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Getting set for prep/school—is your child ready?

Getting set for prep

Lady and child cutting paperStarting school can be an exciting but stressful time for parents and children. For some children it may be the first time that they have been away from their parents.

They may be going into a strange environment with unfamiliar people and surroundings as well as having to learn and participate in a range of new activities.

Mater Health and Wellness is offering a new screening program, Getting Set for Prep, to provide information to assist parents and teachers assess whether their children are ready to commence the Prep year.

Experienced speech pathologists and occupational therapists provide a co-ordinated approach to identify your child's readiness for the school environment.

Activities such as pre-reading and reading skills, understanding, attention, language, speech, drawing, social and play skills are assessed.

Getting set for school

Ensuring that your child reaches their full potential at school can be a challenging task. It can be difficult to identify a child's specific strengths or determine why a child may be finding certain tasks demanding at school.

Mater Health and Wellness is offering a new screening program, Getting Set For School, to help parents and teachers understand a child's strengths and identify whether additional assistance may be required.

Experienced health professionals provide a coordinated approach, to identify your child's skill level in a range of areas including pre-reading and reading, understanding, attention, language, speech, pencil skills (including drawing and writing), play and social development.

Program details

The cost of each program is $480.
This includes:

2 hr assessment with clinicians (in one appointment or split over two)

Speech pathology

60 minute speech pathology assessment:

  • pre-literacy skills (phonological awareness skills)
  • understanding of language, following directions, spoken sentences, vocabulary
  • expression of language; using vocabulary, grammar and telling stories
  • verbal reasoning
  • interactive skills.

Occupational therapy

60 minute occupational therapy assessment:

  • drawing skills (e.g. posture and pencil grasp)
  • fine motor skills
  • behaviour and attention for learning
  • play and social skills
  • self-care skills.

Feedback pack contains:

  • written report of your child's performance
  • recommendations for what to do next.

Additional services

You are also offered the opportunity to meet with the speech pathologist and/or occupational therapist to discuss your child's assessment results*.

During this time the therapist will provide further information regarding your child's strengths and any areas of difficulty identified from assessment. You can talk with the therapist about activity ideas and strategies to encourage your child's ongoing development. This time can also be used to discuss any concerns you have about your child's introduction to prep or school. *charges apply

Mater Health and Wellness also offers ongoing developmental paediatric services, at an additional cost, if further therapy is required.

Mater Health and Wellness staff are recognised providers with private health funds and Medicare. Rebates for services are available where applicable.

We are located on Level 3, Salmon Building, Raymond Tce, South Brisbane.

Please call the clinic on 07 3163 6000 to make an appointment or for further information, or visit our website at wellness.mater.org.au.

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