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Your guide to parking at Mater

Making your way to Mater

By car

From the M1 to Stanley Street or the William Jolly Bridge through the South Bank Precinct

By bus

Mater Hill Bus Stop is on the Southern Busway. Buses run every 10 minutes to and from the city. The stop is on Stanley Street. Please contact Translink via 13 12 30 for further information or schedules.

By train

Mater is a short walk along Stanley Street from South Bank Station. Please contact Translink via 13 12 30 for further information or schedules.

By taxi

There are several taxi ranks within the Mater campus.

Mater courtesy bus

Travels from Mater Private Hospital Brisbane to Mater Private Hospital Brisbane campus on weekdays between 8.45 am and 8 pm. Please phone 0410 017 633 to arrange pick up.

For assistance

Please use the intercoms at the pay stations across the carparks or phone 07 3163 8111 for directions. While Mater’s car parks operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Customer Service Centres are open between 9 am and 6.30 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

After hours assistance can be obtained by using the intercoms at the pay stations or by calling Mater Security on 07 3163 8970 (for Mater Hill East, West and Hancock Street Car Parks) or 07 3163 1657 (for Mater Medical Centre Car Park only). For the security of our patients, visitors and staff, surveillance cameras have been installed in all Mater car parks.

Accessible parking

For those patrons utilising prams, patients and visitors in wheelchairs or people that require assistance with mobility, we recommend using the Mater Hill car parks for convenient accessibility to all hospitals. All of Mater's multi-storey car parks have clearly marked designated disabled parking bays, conveniently located near the lifts and walkways.

In addition to Mater Hill car parks, there are several disabled car parking bays located on Stanley Street in front of Mater Children's Hospital.

Should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our attendant at Mater Hill car park on 07 3163 8914 or 0434 309 812.


Map of car parks at Mater

View larger map of car parks

Frequently asked questions

How much is parking?

Please view parking fees here.

Do I need the correct change for the auto pay station?

No, coins (except 5c and 50c), notes and/or credit cards may be used.

Where can I purchase a weekly parking ticket and what options do I have?

You can purchase a weekly parking ticket from two locations—Level 4, Mater Hill West Car Park for use in Mater Hill East and West and the Medical Centre Car Parks and Level 1, Hancock Street Car Park for use in Hancock Street Car Park only.

There are three options:

  1. a five day ticket—for five consecutive days, with multi-entry and exits in the one day
  2. a three day ticket - for three consecutive days, with multi-entry and exits in the one day
  3. a five exit ticket—valid for five single exits, for up to two months

What do I do if the pay station cannot read my ticket?

Press the intercom at the pay station for assistance.

What should I do if I lose my ticket?

You will need to report to the Car Parks Customer Service Centre (Level 4, Mater Hill West Car Park or Level 1, Hancock Street Car Park) where your ticket will be replaced, and the maximum daily rate will be charged.

Does Mater have disabled parking/access?

All our multi-level car parks have clearly marked disabled parking bays near the lifts and walkways.

Are there any drop-off zones?

Mater has a several areas where patients and visitors can be dropped off. These zones are indicated on the map, but are subject to time restrictions.

Mater Hill Car Park - 07 3163 8914

Hancock Street Car Park - 07 3163 6053

Are there any height restrictions?

The following heights are the maximum vehicle clearence within each car park:

Hancock Street Car Park - 2.25m
Mater Hill West Cark Park - 2.1m
Mater Hill East Car Park - 2.3m
Mater Medical Centre Car Park - 2.0m

About Mater’s car parks

All proceeds from Mater’s multi-level car parks support Mater patient care and medical research.

Mater Health Services is committed to offering accessible car parking facilities for the convenience of our patients and visitors. Mater owns and operates four multi-level car parks across the South Brisbane campus—Mater Hill East Car Park, Mater Hill West Car Park, Hancock Street Car Park and Mater Medical Centre Car Park.

All of the car parks and major buildings within the Mater campus are detailed on the map on the reverse (please note: pay stations are not indicated on the map). The multilevel car parks are automated, which means patrons are required to pre-pay for parking prior to exiting. For your convenience, several pay stations are positioned at prominent locations in all four car parks.

Please note: Hancock Street Car Park uses a 'Smart Card' ticketing system. These cards may only be used at Hancock Street Car Park. In addition to being able to pay for parking at pay stations located in the lift lobbies prior to exit, if you park within Hancock Street Car Park and wish to use a credit card, you may pay for parking at the exit stations as you leave the car park.

If you require any further information, or if you have a query, complaint, request or suggestion, please contact the car park attendant on duty. If you wish to discuss an issue with management, please contact the Car Parks Manager, Mater Property Services, via 07 3163 5350 or email carparks@mater.org.au

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